Wednesday, October 15, 2014


First of all, I'm having some trouble with blogger not showing my posts in the order I published them and with the dates all messed up. If anyone is trying to follow along with what I'm writing in order, I apologize for that. There will be 31 posts by the end of this month; they just won't look like one was posted each day.
And, in other news, today is infant and pregnancy loss remembrance day. So, I'm spending some time in prayer for the mommas who aren't able to hold their babies. In the past year, four of my friends have shared publicly about losing their babies through miscarriage or stillbirth, and my heart aches for them. It makes it a little harder to complain about sleepless nights when I think about the alternative. I am incredibly blessed to have a healthy baby to care for, and praise God that He knit her together in my womb and is continuing to mold her into the person she is called to be.
I got nervous toward the end of my pregnancy and felt slightly on edge as my due date passed because I felt like my womb wasn't a safe place for her anymore. The truth is that this world is not a safe place for any of us, and heartbreak is inevitable if you allow yourself to care for other people. So, let's remember to be kind to one another. Because we're all in different places. And our feelings are valid, regardless of whether we're experiencing the despondency of not getting to meet and pour love into the little life we were nurturing or on the brink of tears because  we just need to not be needed by a squalling baby for a minute. Or if you're in a completely different non-child related situation. Life is just filled with hurt that doesn't make sense, and I have to trust in a God who always does. Even when I don't understand, I know He has it handled, and He will let me rest in Him so that I can make it through.
Sorry if today's post was a little heavy. I just have several ladies on my heart, and I have several reasons to look forward to being with Jesus and meeting/reuniting with some beautiful people.

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