Thursday, October 2, 2014

Am I raising an extrovert?

One of the many things I daydream about and ponder as I get to know my little girl's personality is whether she'll be an introvert like me or an extrovert like her daddy. Obviously, I love my Husband, and his extroverted tendencies are a big part of who he is. 
But, as the primary caregiver of my daughter, I'm currently indulging my homebody nature because getting out of the house with a baby is hard. They have so much stuff, and I like to be prepared for anything, so we have to take at least one of everything. And my not-so-petite baby weighs quite a bit more when strapped into her car seat. So I end up juggling a stuffed diaper bag, water bottle, car seat, and whatever else I may need at our destination. And I'm lazy and like to stay at home where we have everything we need.
However, my daughter already thrives when around other people. She seems to have withdrawals on Monday morning when it's just the two of us all day after a weekend packed with Daddy, church friends, and outings with lots of strangers to smile at. Just as I can foresee getting out of the house becoming a little easier as she starts walking, I can also imagine needing to adjust my priorities and get out more for her benefit. I see lots more play dates, library story times, and early preschool enrollment in our future if it turns out that we're raising an extrovert. We do get out on our own, but for now I try to limit our excursions to a few days a week, and the big trips to the store require a second adult.
Am I the only mom who considers these things? I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm concerned about the possibility of mothering an outgoing little girl. I'm more curious. I've written before about how I recharge when alone, and as she grows into her own personality, I want to be considerate of how my daughter feels most energized.
And if that means planning a few more social outings than I might otherwise want to participate in, it will be worth it.

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