Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A day in the life with a 4 month old

Tuesday, October 21
12 am Hear a crying baby. Feed the baby and put her back in her crib.

12:20 am Sleep.

5 am Hear the same crying baby and feed her again. Lay her back down in her crib.

5:15 am Sleep.

7 am-ish Hear baby begin to fuss. Decide it is too early to wake up and too soon to feed her again. Bring swaddled baby to lie next to me in bed. Snooze.

7:30 am Decide baby is refusing to snooze and unwrap her. Change her diaper and lay her in her crib to allow time to get water, take pill, and wash face.

7:45 am Carry baby and bag of dirty cloth diapers into living room and lay baby on blanket with toys. Put diapers in the washer and start first wash cycle. 

8 am Gather clean blanket and burp cloth for diaper bag. Find book for Ladies Bible class. Remember that I forgot to read the chapter for this week. Sigh. Get pumpkin muffin bar and bottle of water to put in diaper bag.

8:20 am Feed baby on couch while watching half an episode of Gilmore Girls.

8:30 am Clip baby's finger nails and cuddle. Check the weather. Gather clean jeans from dryer and shirts from closet. Pick out clothes for baby from laundry basket of clean, folded baby stuff in living room.

9 am Change baby's diaper in nursery and return to living room to get her dressed. Get myself dressed and then grab scarf from bedroom. Grab bottle of pumped milk from fridge and socks from nursery. Load baby into car seat.

9:20 am Leave house after gathering diaper bag, book, Bible, and car seat with baby inside. Drive to church.

10 am Arrive at church and drop baby off with babysitter. Attend Ladies Bible class.

11:45 am Pick baby up and load everything back in the car. Drive home.

12:15 pm Arrive home and unload car. Lay baby on blanket and make lunch: peanut butter and honey sandwich with chips. Start second diaper wash cycle. Eat lunch.

12:30 pm Type a blog post while holding baby.

12:55 pm Put clean cover on the Boppy. Feed baby while watching Gilmore Girls. Make noises at and with baby.

1:15 pm Start rinse cycle of diaper washing. Change baby's diaper. Check the mail and sort through it. Play on the floor. FaceTime with Rose. Clean up spit up from blanket and baby's hair.

2 pm Fold laundry and water plants. Rock baby and swaddle her for nap time. Lie baby in bed and hope she sleeps. Read blogs and check Facebook.

2:45 pm Deem the nap hopes successful and try to nap myself.

4:45 pm Wake up delighted with the rest I just got and continue blogging. Pump 5 oz to replace the bottle she took in the morning while unswaddling now-awake baby.

5 pm Get awake baby out of her crib, change her diaper and put on a clean onesie. Feed baby while watching Gilmore Girls.

5:20 pm Daddy is home! Hand baby to Husband and transfer diapers to the drying rack and dryer. Begin making dinner.

6 pm Unload the dishwasher while Daddy plays with the baby and listens to music.

6:30 pm Eat dinner while taking turns entertaining the baby. FaceTime with KitKat.

6:50 pm Feed the baby while watching Parks and Recreation with Husband. Try to get adorable baby laughs on camera. Fail. FaceTime with LaLa and PJ.

7:30 pm Get baby ready for the bathtub and then prepare everything for bedtime while Daddy gives her a bath. Dry her off and put her in her overnight diaper. Daddy reads Goodnight Moon and then I lay her in her crib and swaddle her.

7:45 pm Put the pacifier back in baby's mouth. Read blogs and Facebook. Repeat.

8:10 pm Declare baby asleep and sneak out of her room to relax with Husband as he works, drink some water, and blog. Put away leftovers. Look up Christmas present ideas on Pinterest, and talk on the phone with my aunt.

9 pm Get ready for bed and read for a while before I hear a crying baby.

10 pm Get up and put pacifier back in baby's mouth. Go to bed and sleep. It's been a good day.

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