Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby talk

I used to think that I would limit how much gibberish I spoke to my children. Because words are valuable, and a child's language development begins with his or her parents. Then I had a baby, and sometimes all that comes out of mouth for minutes at a time are nonsensical sounds and raspberries. I do strive to speak in grammatically correct sentences at least some of the time around my baby girl, but like a lot of my other parenting expectations, reality is different from what I imagined.
I can't think my way into always following the "rules" for raising an intelligent, well-spoken child. And most of the time I don't beat myself up over that. There are still lots of new books on her bookshelf that are yet to be explored, and God-willing, we have time to explore them. Sometimes it's ok for me to just relax on the floor with my baby next to me as she giggles at the preposterous noises that come out of my mouth. If her baby babbles are any indication, she'll be talking soon enough. So there's time for me to expand her vocabulary later. Right now, I think I'll indulge in plenty of sing-song baby talk.

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