Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Doctor appointment

We had a doctor's appointment today, and baby girl is still having trouble staying asleep past 2 am, so my post today will be short and sweet.

Her hands used to be this little. Now she weighs 15.5 lbs and is rolling over. Also, I started researching baby food options today. At least I got some sweet snuggles today after her shots. Never mind that they were trauma and baby Tylenol-induced. And she still likes to hold my hand. Here's to hoping that I have a few more years of that before she realizes how supremely uncool I am.
Or maybe she'll have a quirky offbeat sense of humor and be such a gracious young woman that she'll appreciate me all the way through her teen years. I'll dream of that in the few hours of sleep I'm anticipating tonight. Be back tomorrow with more to say and a bit more cohesiveness.

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