Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long weekend

I need more of those so that I can catch up on all the stuff I like to do when well rested, or maybe I just need a vacation.

Anyway, Memorial Day weekend was wonderful. I managed to find a good balance of relaxation and productivity, which enhances the effects of both. We ended Monday with a delicious meal, pictured below. My husband can grill. Be jealous.

And then after the short work week, we headed up to visit my family and had another brilliant weekend.

But today is when the stars aligned and I got the good news that a client appreciated my extensive work editing a document, received an inscribed copy of a book I helped edit, and came home to a mostly tiled kitchen and breakfast area. Talk about a good day. My name is in the Acknowledgments section of a book, y'all! That's kind of like seeing my picture on the silver screen for a bookworm/lover of literature like me.

So tomorrow a crew will finish tiling our main living spaces and I will relish the fact that my name is in print in a bound, published tome of literary merit. Sounds like tomorrow is shaping up to be pretty good, too.