Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Husband Ever

This is an older picture of us, but I'm feeling nostalgic, and it's still one of my favorites.

I'm temporarily breaking my blogging hiatus to brag on my husband. He wakes up early, works hard, and is so good at his job. October is the month when orchestra wives become "orchestra widows" according to another director friend because there is an audition or recording session almost every Saturday.

In spite of the craziness at work, (which he takes in stride because he loves his job) he got up early this morning to surprise me with my current favorite drink from Starbuck's. He also made secret plans to celebrate this weekend and he's been teasing me by singing a little made-up tune about how "There are plans for your birthday" for a couple weeks. He knows the anticipation of an event is one of the best parts, (in my opinion) so he took care to let me know that plans are in place even though he wants to surprise me.

Well, first surprise accomplished. Starbuck's sets apart a day as special, and having it delivered while I was still dozing marked this day as fantastic. (Side note: Starbuck's has never been part of my daily routine, but my Dad delivered whatever my current drink of choice was on every birthday in high school. Then I continued the tradition by refusing to brew my own coffee on my birthday in college, and the sweet Starbuck's memories extend to my wedding day when I downed a grande cinnamon dolce latte while having my hair done. See, fancy coffee makes me nostalgic.)

The small gesture (not so small, since it involved sacrificing sleep) also reminded me what a thoughtful and loving man I married. And now you know, too. If anyone deigns to check my dormant blog. :)

I'll be back in December with a new diploma and hopefully lots to write about.


  1. So cute! :) Miss and love you! Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend.

  2. I like this blog. I'll be glad when your hiatus is over.

  3. Love it! Good job Sam...and happy early bday Jordy!