Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rustic Food

I made beer batter bread on Monday, and we're slowly but surely eating our way through it. I used this recipe, but instead of butter, I greased the loaf pan with macadamia oil and then poured it over the top of the dough before baking. It was so simple, something that I'm always looking for in the things I cook and just life in general.

The pot holder was a gift from Husband after one of his many music conferences. Musical jokes are the best.

So, last night for dinner, I poured a bit of macadamia oil in a skillet, sliced a hunk of beer bread with a hole in the middle, and then fried an egg in the center of the toast. It was so simple and so good. So good that I made another one just the same way. Bread, egg, salt, and pepper combined with the oil to make a deceptively delicious dinner. The bread got crispy and the fried egg stayed soft.

I've been making my morning tea with an honest-to-goodness tea kettle that whistles, and there's something life affirming in taking the extra step of boiling water on the stove. It helps me feel centered before I rush out the door to confront the traffic that inevitably piles up between me and my office. 

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate technology. Our Roomba (the best type of robot ever invented) vacuumed the living room while I went to work this morning, and I watch more than my share of TV.

But, when it comes to food, it's nice to get back to the basics every once in a while. Beer bread and eggs aren't visually pretty, but they taste so good. Food is meant to nourish, and keeping it simple right now nourishes my spirit.

On a slightly unrelated note, if you haven't ever crumbled a day-old piece of cornbread into a mug of cold milk, try it sometime. And then leave me a comment telling me how I changed your life. 

Keep it simple this week, y'all.


  1. I heart my roomba. I'm so glad you guys have one. I even put my bluetooth bose speakers on top sometimes for a little dj roomba inda house

    1. Aren't Roombas the best? We got ours for Christmas last year, and it makes vacuuming so easy and fun. Thanks for commenting!

  2. And now I have beer bread baking in the oven....