Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Let's dive right in to my assorted list of randomness, shall we?

{one} Thanks for the great response on facebook to our guest room. If you didn't get a chance to see it yesterday, please stop by for your personal tour today, and then come back and bring your friends.

{two} It's raining (such a blessing for the parched-ness around here), and I can hear it on our skylight in the kitchen. It makes me want to curl up and finish reading the seventh Harry Potter book. Right after I do the dishes and start a load of laundry. And make a grocery list. Oh, well. To keep it in perspective I'm at home and don't have to get out in the rain, and I have time to do all that stuff since I don't have to show my face at the office today. Have I mentioned that I'm loving this part-time employment thing?
{three} I started using Origins skin care stuff in January, and I love the smells of the natural ingredients and how soft my skin feels. My face wash smells like licorice, and this lotion is the only kind I've tried that doesn't make my face feel greasy and heavy within an hour (which is quite the feat considering the humidity around here has a pea-soup consistency some days). I ran out of the organic toner I was using, and they discontinued it, so I'm testing two new toners right now, and I think this one will be added to my bathroom counter soon.
{four} My birthday (and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas) is/are fast approaching, and I have my eye on a few things. My mom is always great at gift-giving, and she takes requests (read: demands a detailed list so that the receiver is assured to LOVE their present), so I have the blessing of gathering up some wants that I would never buy for myself and some that I would if I weren't so stingy/they fit into our budget. :) Anything from LOFT, where I shop the sale rack, and some birthday money for a few ideas I have brewing to update our master bedroom are at the top of my current wish list.
Doesn't she just look so happy with her perfectly tousled wavy hair blowing in the wind? It must be that adorable lace top. That would make me happy, too.

{five} We're having dinner with dear friends tonight, and after some playtime with their two-year-old (who used to call me Nor-neen, which has morphed into Dor-dan...melt my heart), the Husbands will arrange music for a church program, and the Wives are planning to veg on the couch and watch a movie. Sounds like a deal to me!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


  1. That top is super cute. I'm sure it will make your hair all perfectly flowy and gorgeous and happy the minute you put it on :) ...if only shirts could fix our hair for us, life would be so much easier!

    1. I love a good sale at LOFT and good hair days. Thanks for stopping by!