Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pioneer Woman Food Weekend

Well, y'all, this weekend was all about eating around here, and pretty much everything on the menu was courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. I am a card-carrying fanatic, and thankfully so is my sister-in-law because she got me an autographed cookbook for Christmas (and sometimes when she cooks for us we get to eat PW food.)

Case in point, for Labor Day, I attempted her twice baked new potatoes (more on that in a minute) and my sister-in-law made this delectable brisket. She definitely did everything right, and Husband and I enjoyed the fruit (or meat, or whatever) of her hours preparing the meal. It was falling apart and fork-tender. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

PW has a fantastically funny way of describing her food, so I'll leave the recipe descriptions to her website. I use recipes from the cookbooks, which I highly recommend because they're beautifully designed, fun to read, and inspire me to make delicious food. Basically, all the things a brilliant cookbook should be.

Anyway, the potatoes are supposed to look like this:

Photo via Pioneer Woman

It's been a while since I tried to scoop out the insides of potatoes while keeping the skins intact and I failed, especially since that task with small red potatoes is infinitely harder for people like me who struggle with stuff like that. So, plan B was to chop up the half-baked potatoes and mix them with all the yumminess and bake them like that. They were still delicious (sour cream and cream cheese never fail), but my dish was more potato casserole than twice-baked potato-ish.

Anyway, while I failed at the potatoes, I definitely succeeded with her French onion soup last night. I have a serious affection for French onion soup (which is weird because I always ask for my burgers or enchiladas sans onions, but I also love onion rings and blooming onions). Anyway, I'm picky about food, especially onions, but I love French onion soup.

This soup is not photo-worthy, but it is delicious, so the next time you have three hours (it's worth it), spend some time creating this simple, satisfying soup, top it with French bread and Swiss cheese, and then thank me later.

Tonight is YOYO (you're on your own) night for dinner aka leftover night, so I'm going to go heat up another bowl of French onion soup. Jealous?

Happy eating this week!


  1. I love her recipes too. I made the Penne a la Betsy one weekend when I was home alone (most of my family doesn't like shrimp). It was SO good. I have the first cookbook, and the second is on my wishlist! :)

    1. A little bird told me that she's writing a third one. I got the second cookbook for Christmas and I'm just starting to explore it, but it's all good stuff! By the way I've been meaning to thank you for the truffles you gave us-they were delicious.