Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Tour: Guest Room

Well, I asked if you'd like to see what I've done with the rooms in our house, and my grandmother answered with a resounding yes. I'm not sure if the rest of you (assuming sometimes people other than my grandmother read this blog) want to see our home, but when you don't speak up, you have to suffer the consequences. Prepare yourself for photo overload, and remember that I have never claimed to be a photographer. Although, I did use a real-life camera for these pictures rather than my iPhone, so you're welcome.

This is the view from the door. The bed is an antique from Husband's family, and the room has a huge bay window. There's tons of light in the room, and even though there are blackout curtains on the bottom half of the window, I haven't figured out an economical way to cover the top half-moon shape.

I scavenged the bedspread from my mom and the pillows from Husband's mom.

The artwork above the bed includes my map-canvas art and two pieces of original art-a watercolor I bought in Rome with the expert help of a dear friend who is a graphic designer and a limited edition print of Italian vistas created by the same wonderful friend.

The huge closet with double doors is to the left of the bed, and I framed some artsy postcards from my study abroad and from when Husband and I went to Europe last summer.
  We didn't paint the walls in here. We lucked out that they were in good shape and a neutral color.

On the wall opposite the bed is a dresser given to us by Husband's parents.

Are you sensing a theme? We're accepting donations (especially of furniture), and we've been incredibly blessed to receive so much furniture from friends and family. We moved from a one-bedroom apartment into a four-bedroom house, so we are thrilled to have hand-me-downs to make our house not feel empty, so that we don't feel any need to spend money we don't have to fill it up.

This lamp was also a gift from my in-laws. I replaced the shade with a lace-pattern shade from Tuesday Morning, and I love how vintage it feels.

We have tons of pictures of friends and family displayed on the dresser. If you don't see your face, come visit us, and we'll take pictures of the beautiful memories we make in the swampy humidity as we get eaten with mosquitoes and then add your face to one of the frames in here. No, really, come visit us. We have A/C and bug spray. It'll be great. :)

I put my steamer trunk next to the bed as a nightstand, and I switch out the pictures and books there depending on who is coming to visit us. Husband's old iPod and alarm clock live here along with a lamp we got as a wedding gift.
The hopefully subtle theme of the guest room is travel, with emphasis on European and vintage accent pieces.

We'd love for you to come see it in person (if we know you in real life) and stay with us for a few days. We're not currently accepting long-term guests, but as long as you can give us an ETD (estimated time of departure), we'll welcome you with open arms. :)

For any readers who I haven't met face-to-face, hopefully seeing our home is interesting enough on its own merit. I know I love seeing how other bloggers make their homes their own and all the great decorating ideas people come up with.

Most of my decor is determined by how thrifty I can be, but I'm enjoying making our new-to-us house into a home.

Drop by again tomorrow for Five on Friday, won't you?

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