Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! I am feeling blessed to be at home today, and I'm finding little bits of joy in doing stuff that has to be done. You know what I mean: the laundry, the dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning out the fridge.
It never looks this pretty. Maybe I need more aprons.

I know that so much of what makes those chores onerous is my attitude, but there's something so wonderful about not having to do all of this stuff over the weekend. Catching up on all the "have-tos" on a Saturday or Sunday after church felt like a burden. Partly because I love my Husband and when he's home, I want to be with him, not trudging through a mountain of dishes. Also, partly because I'm a selfish person who is jealously protective of my time (more so than I should be since the whole concept of owning time is questionable at best).

Anyway, waking up this morning to a list of stuff to do around the house and uninterrupted time to get it all done felt like a gift. I'm feeling exceptionally blessed to have an uninterrupted day to work at home before I head back to the office to work there tomorrow. I'm in a season of seeking that unattainable balance in my life between my job, my family, and my home, and I think God is telling me that if I just commit to having a better perspective, He can figure out how to make the hours in the week enough for me to do everything that really needs to be done.

I am by no means trying to preach to anyone about having a better attitude. Rather, I'm rejoicing that I've been undeservedly given this time to sit on my couch, reflect on how good God has been to me, and drink a mug of Earl Grey tea (with local honey and milk) as I listen to the rain.

Even though I know perfect balance is a myth, this morning has been a refreshing time to refocus and try to think about the blessings behind all the chores. If we didn't have a house, which is absolutely a gift from God and an answer to prayer, I wouldn't need to spend so much time cleaning.

If my Husband didn't have a job he loves where he minsters to teenagers for 12+ hours a day and sometimes works weekends, finding time together wouldn't be a challenge. But, he has a job he loves where he serves kids and does the work of God, and I now have more time during the week to do stuff at home so that our time together doesn't have to be filled with laundry.

If we hadn't been given a full set of dishes (and then some) for our wedding, there wouldn't be anything to fill up the sink. Or, if we would just get in the habit of rinsing and placing our dishes in the dishwasher as we made them dirty, they wouldn't pile up. But that's another challenge for another day.

I'm not sure how interested anyone might be in any of my ramblings today, but I needed to write out how good God is and what that goodness looks like in my life during this season. I'm sure there are days in my not-too-distant future when the laundry and dishes look like they have multiplied overnight and my heart will be grumpy about all our material blessings, but for today, I'm seeing God's mercy in the small things, and I figured that was worth writing about.

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