Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness

Fear not, this post has nothing to do with basketball, and I have not suffered a personality transplant that would cause me to write about the NCAA tournament. It's simply a reference to how insane March has been. And, this evening, I fly to London, so I figured I'd better play catch-up on here before sharing news from across the pond. I'll split the events of the last 4 weeks up for ease of consumption.

At the end of February, I hosted Girls' Night for our small group at church, which was a much needed reason to clean our apartment and finish some decor projects I had been working on.

We visited, watched a movie, and ate fondue. Oh my word, where has fondue been since the '70s? Sam and I went to Simply Fondue for my birthday, and if I had known then how easy it was to do at home, I would have tried tons of recipes before now. Try the Weight Watchers cheese fondue for a real treat without worrying about tons of fat.

Up next, pictures of my latest artistic endeavor.