Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last night I started reading Moby Dick for the first time. That's right. Feel sorry for me and moan a sympathetic "poor you."

Secretly, I'm kind of excited about reading it because it's one of those pieces of literature that unites our culture. It's "in the canon," so no matter how many generations of students complain about it, we still read and discuss it frequently. As a good English major, if you had prompted a discussion about this book a week ago, I could have kept up and thrown in my comments of "Melville," "whale," and "Call me Ishmael," but after this next couple weeks, I'll officially be a member of the club of people who have read (and possibly loathed) Moby Dick.

Confession time, dear reader(s). I assume there's more than one of you based on my stats. What other books can you quote perfunctory facts about but have never actually read? Comment about it. Go!


  1. I believe I will need to know more about the word "prefunctory" before I proceed.

  2. OK, I'll confess: I've never read Moby Dick, either.

    Also, I have never read Gone with the Wind, which is almost unthinkable. I should have, I know. So many books, so little time...