Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

In honor of The Sound of Music I'm going to list a few of my favorite things. On a side note, if you're ever in Salzburg, Austria I recommend the official movie tour.
And for those family members who read my blog, take note because my birthday and Christmas are fast approaching. Just kidding, but really, Mom, read carefully because I won't be sending you a birthday list this year. :)

Real Simple magazine

I was originally drawn to this publication because a good friend praised the graphic design, but I've also found the articles entertaining and useful. When I had a subscription, this was the one magazine I read cover to cover every month.

ELLE brand clothing at Kohl's

I love the simple details of these clothes, and when Kohl's has a sale, they have really great prices for quality clothing. Needless to say, I own several ELLE shirts, but I wouldn't turn down another one.


There's no link for this one because you can buy a variety of games at a number of stores, and I support them all equally. Sam and I registered for several games when we got married, and we've already had so much fun playing Catch Phrase with friends and The Game of Life together. Pun intended. Many memories are yet to be made, and I love that we can spend time together without any electronic interference or recurring monetary cost.

That's all for now because I should be reading (I also love books, but currently have no time to indulge in reading for fun) and grocery shopping. I could add several other "things" to my list, but the title implies a select few, so maybe later I'll talk about recycling, coffee, and scarves. Hopefully a few of my favorite things might become yours, or maybe the list will just help you think about the little things in life that make you happy. Feel free to comment and share what some of those things might be so that I can share in your happiness.

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