Friday, September 17, 2010

Word Power

So...I considered posting pictures of an awesome baking feat for my second entry because the Pioneer Woman so inspires me, but that will have to wait because I've been too busy thinking about other things this week to bake anything awesome. I did make some yummy cream cheese brownies last night, but that was stress baking, not a blog-worthy culinary feat.

Instead, I thought I'd ruminate about the power of the word. I've been pondering this for a while now. As a self-avowed lover of language, words have special potency with me. But my respect for the Word goes beyond my appreciation of well-crafted literature. I believe that Jesus is the Word, who became flesh and lived among us, and the metaphors used throughout the Word of God to describe how God exists in paradoxical proportions ring so true. Maybe it's a personal bias because of my obsession with language, but the words justice and mercy, righteousness and love provide such a multifaceted picture of God that gives me faith that He is not created. He is the Creator.

Communication is everything in relationships, and without intending it, I all too often lash out at people with my words. Rather than carefully choosing the right epithet, I become careless or intentionally select a word with a negative connotation. I could write a whole other entry about the mysteries of connotation, but for now, I'll leave you with a challenge to remember the power of your words and choose them wisely.

Maybe my next post will have a picture of something homemade just to redeem my blog from becoming too "preachy."

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