Thursday, October 31, 2013

On my Way

I'm on my way up north to find out if my cousin is having a boy or girl in March, and to celebrate with them. I'm excited about the trip, but it has been a rough week with lots of sickness and collapsing on the couch all week. I worked a grand total of 3 hours this week and then felt like gum on the bottom of someone's shoe the rest of the week.

I need energy and a few good days of health while I'm out of town. Sending healthy thoughts my way or offering up a prayer for energy would be greatly appreciated so that I can fully celebrate the good news of this new baby!

P.S. I am not contagious or I would not be traveling to be near my lovely pregnant cousin because I am not that selfish. :)

P.P.S. My niece and nephew are the most adorable sock monkeys ever.

Wishing you good health and a happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a Happy Birthday

Husband gave me my gifts last night, and I've already opened several birthday cards and indulged in a breakfast of chocolate Chex, so it's shaping up to be a pretty good day. (He reads my blog: I got money for a new breakfast area rug and some precious B&BW soaps and holders, plus some aromatherapy body wash and lotion.)

I've also received several phone calls, text messages, and Facebook posts, all of which make me appreciate technology and the thoughtful people in my life.

So far, I'm lounging around the house watching Rachael Ray. I have grand plans of shopping for a rug and maybe going to see a movie by myself and enjoying movie popcorn before church tonight.

The theme for the day is doing nothing that I don't want to do. I figure the laundry can wait another day and Husband did the dishes yesterday (be still my heart, he knows me so well). So there's nothing mandatory on the agenda, which is a welcome change that I'm embracing to celebrate myself.

Have a happy day, regardless of whether it's your birthday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Still Here

I know, I know. Blogger fail. It's been a crazy couple of weeks with family visits on weekends, a new project at work, and some sick days.

Anyway, I'm back, and I'll try harder to not be an absentee blogger for weeks at a time.

We had an awesome visit with my grandparents and sister and Husband's extended family in west Texas a couple weekends ago.

And then this past weekend my parents came to visit. We mostly relaxed around the house, and my dad finished painting the edges in the guest bathroom. It was great seeing them and letting them see the progress we've made on the house.

It's shaping up to be a much more empty weekend, which means lots of laundry catch up for me. And maybe I'll try to write some posts as well.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

Well, I failed at middle of the week blogging this week, but we have a lot going on around here. I did make it back one more time this week for Five on Friday.

{one} My sister was in town from Thursday to Monday visiting her boyfriend who just moved here (we like him a lot), and we got to spend time with both of them. Plus we snagged my neice and nephew for dinner on Friday, and they were precious, as usual. My parents are coming into town next weekend, so October is family visit month. Happy birthday to me!

{two} One of our sweet neighbors brought us dinner Wednesday night because she was taking food to another family and had just enough left for two. How wonderful is that! She also brought snickerdoodle cake, which was a delicious bonus.
{three} I think I've found the dream green smoothie recipe. I've had it for breakfast three times this week, so you know it's good. It tastes like peanut butter (but only has 1 tbsp in a blender-full), and it's packed with protein and spinach, so it's good for me. Helpful tip: I blend for a while and then add more spinach until it's the right color green.

{four} With all the buzz about Breaking Bad, Husband and I have been talking about renewing our Netflix account and binge watching whole seasons at a time. We haven't seen any of the episodes, so no spoilers please. I love watching shows like that. Anyone else watch shows that way, or am I just weird(er than I knew)?

{five} We're headed west this weekend for Husband's family reunion, and I have dark chocolate peanut butter comfort cookies and pumpkin pecan bread in the oven. I'm doing my part for the potluck this year. :)

Happy weekend, friends!