Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

Well, I failed at middle of the week blogging this week, but we have a lot going on around here. I did make it back one more time this week for Five on Friday.

{one} My sister was in town from Thursday to Monday visiting her boyfriend who just moved here (we like him a lot), and we got to spend time with both of them. Plus we snagged my neice and nephew for dinner on Friday, and they were precious, as usual. My parents are coming into town next weekend, so October is family visit month. Happy birthday to me!

{two} One of our sweet neighbors brought us dinner Wednesday night because she was taking food to another family and had just enough left for two. How wonderful is that! She also brought snickerdoodle cake, which was a delicious bonus.
{three} I think I've found the dream green smoothie recipe. I've had it for breakfast three times this week, so you know it's good. It tastes like peanut butter (but only has 1 tbsp in a blender-full), and it's packed with protein and spinach, so it's good for me. Helpful tip: I blend for a while and then add more spinach until it's the right color green.

{four} With all the buzz about Breaking Bad, Husband and I have been talking about renewing our Netflix account and binge watching whole seasons at a time. We haven't seen any of the episodes, so no spoilers please. I love watching shows like that. Anyone else watch shows that way, or am I just weird(er than I knew)?

{five} We're headed west this weekend for Husband's family reunion, and I have dark chocolate peanut butter comfort cookies and pumpkin pecan bread in the oven. I'm doing my part for the potluck this year. :)

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. found you on the happy about it! yay!! looking forward to following along.

    and girlie...the hubs has had breaking bad streaming on our tv from netflix for weeks now. i finally got into it last night. i have been missing out!!!!