Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I love my Husband. I felt tempted today to post one of those sappy I love my Husband. He's the best and the way he loves our daughter... novels on Facebook. And then I realized that I had more to say than standard Facebook posts allow. Because today isn't our anniversary and he hasn't done anything extraordinary like cleaning the entire house while taking care of our toddler while I was at the spa.
Today is just an ordinary day, and his actions lately haven't been heroic. But when our toddler heard a car engine rev, she ran to the back door with a huge grin, shouting "Dada!" Like she does every day when we hear his car pull into the driveway after a long day of work. She loves her Daddy simply because he is her daddy. 
And today I find myself loving my Husband for being himself. For sharing his dreams with me and letting me take them on as my own. For leading without ever making me feel less-than and for genuinely consulting my opinion and taking my two cents in all matters of importance to our family.
And yes, while I have been dealing with an upper respiratory infection, he has stepped up and done more than his usual "share" of toddler and household care. But he does most of that stuff on any given day. And I hope I don't need a grand gesture like a dozen roses or a spotless kitchen to remind me that we are good together, and he is so good to me.
So today I am indulging in the sap and sentimentality afforded to those who are on NyQuil and antibiotics. :) And taking a moment while our beautiful little girl entertains herself to write out how much I truly love my Husband. On days like today, I can say without sarcasm that I also like and appreciate him, which makes for a pretty good day.