Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is next month, and I'm not concerned about being a year older because I still look 12-15ish, and I've experienced lots of wonderful things for someone my age.

I've been to Europe thrice (and would go back tomorrow if someone sprung for tickets for Husband and me), married my first true love who just so happened to be my prom date, earned a Master's degree, bought a house that I am turning into a home, and fallen into a career in which I am successful and appreciated by my boss. Phew, I'm tired just reading about all that stuff.

Anyway, now that we've established that I am not having an existential crisis about getting older, we can move on to the beauty of birthdays: the people I love the most focus on making my day, and I can look forward to receiving best wishes, gifts, and cards.

In case you are looking for a gift to give someone a whole lot like me (young, married, bookworm who likes to cook and look put together while being comfortable), I am here to help you.

{one} Husband got me some three-wick candles and soap covers from Bath & Body Works for Christmas, and I would love to replace/add to my current collection.
I got this one for Christmas, and I used it up in our new house. It made home improvement projects less stressful, or at least less smelly.

They have pumpkin and leaf soap cover patterns and delicious-smelling candles for fall, and they usually have great sales when you can stock up on the scents you like.

I recently discovered PicMonkey. Where have I been for the past three years? This is awesome!

{two} TOMS shoes were all the rage at my small Christian college, but I never jumped on the bandwagon, even though I like the idea behind them: buy a pair and they'll give a pair to a kid in need. Now that I don't have to wear work shoes every day, I'm thinking I might like to have a new pair of casual shoes, and I'm interested in helping kids not go barefooted.

{three} I've had my eye on a Rachael Ray pasta pot for quite a while, and this blue one is beautiful and functional. I'm envious of how she just drops whole pieces of spaghetti into the pot whole.

{four} As I've mentioned before, I love LOFT, and I would love to freshen up my wardrobe with a few new pieces to wear around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm also a fan of GAP and J. Crew.

I also appreciate gift cards to Amazon (to restock my Kindle) and restaurants because when we eat out, there are no dishes to wash. :)

Happy early birthday to me, and happy shopping to all!

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