Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Home Tour: Breakfast Nook

Welcome to our breakfast nook. It was horrendous in all its mid-90s floral wallpapered and lineoleum-ed glory, but I think we cleaned it up nice. With lots of help, I stripped the wallpaper (which took down part of the sheetrock), patched, sanded, textured, and then painted this little area. During the reno, it didn't seem like such a little area. We then paid a crew to install our new marble-looking tile in this room and the kitchen.
The light fixture was a gift from a dear friend/co-worker who bought it on clearance, decided not to use it, and then gave it to me for free. The huge windows provide tons of light, and so far I have managed to not kill our plants in spite of my sporadic watering schedule.

The drawer/hook cabinet was purchased in Round Top on the first annual (I sincerely hope) sister-in-law antique shopping trip. The table was purchased off Craigslist, and we're mixing and matching our dining chairs, so the Ikea and folding chairs ended up in here for now. The place mats were a wedding gift from my aunt from Crate and Barrel. (Love their stuff.) And, the doors in the background open up to the laundry room, which will more than likely not be part of the home tour. :)

close up of the awesome shelving unit

This area also usually contains our clothes drying rack and a pile of Bibles, church bulletins, receipts, and random junk on the table, but I cleaned it up just for you. The back door is our main entrance/exit in the house, so a lot of stuff collects in this area, but I'm trying to keep it clean until our friends come over for dinner on Saturday.
I'd like to add a colorful rug under the table. I'll gather a sampling to show you what I'm looking for later this week. Maybe with a little birthday money and a lot of bargain shopping, I'll be posting an update of the new rug in there soon.

Happy hump day!

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