Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with Five on Friday for real this week, y'all. Not sure what's going on with the bottom half of the logo... (Update: And now it looks fine.)


{one} Sorry about the lack of posts this week. It was crazy busy at work, and then I hurried home to cook a wholesome meal for Husband, do the laundry, and dust the baseboards collapse on the couch and watch Criminal Minds. Does anyone else have a weird fascination with Criminal Minds? It's such an engaging show, but I'm worried that there might be something wrong with me because I like it so much.

{two} I've been eating lots of this Greek yogurt (it was on sale at Kroger, and I love it!) and drinking Snapple tea and lemonade this week. My lunch typically consists of some sort of peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and yogurt. In other news, I like eating like a five-year-old.

This particular day the Snapple didn't make it until lunchtime, so I refilled the bottle with water for the picture. It is that good.

{three} I made a book paper leaf wreath this week and found pumpkin doilies at the dollar store, so be looking for a fall mantle post coming next week. I, like all other bloggers ever, am so excited for autumn, and I'm ready for the inside of my house to reek of fall even if the temperatures outside are still soaring.

{four} We got to go to a baseball game last weekend courtesy of my generous in-laws, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy junky stadium food (just not the inflated prices), the home team won, and it was free jersey night, so I officially have a hometown jersey now. I guess I really live here. :)

{five} And my big news from last week is that starting September 9, I will only be working part-time. I am so looking forward to having more hours in the week to devote to taking care of the things I'm passionate about: Husband, our home, and writing on this blog!

Have an awesome long weekend, and fill it up with things you're passionate about.

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