Monday, August 19, 2013

August Birthdays

It seems like everybody in our family has a birthday in August. What's nine months before August? Just kidding. I don't want to know. Why would you ask that? Awkward.

Anyway, I also love the dollar store. Seems unrelated, right? Not since I found knock-off washi tape at our local store and decided to make birthday cards with it. I went to the dollar store with Husband since he needed puzzles for a team-building exercise and I needed more hot glue sticks. See this post for the reason why. (Why I needed hot glue sticks, not why he wanted to make people be more team-like.)

Lo and behold (did I use that right?), I found pseudo-washi tape and grabbed a couple rolls for a dollar. Washi tape is buzzing right now in the blogosphere and Pinterest. It's like chevron patterns and those striped paper straws: everywhere.

So, I grabbed it and crafted some oh-so-easy birthday cards to mail out for some of those impending birthdays.

Confession: I am the worst at remembering and acknowledging birthdays, so I have already let a few slip by this month without a card. I'm looking at you, Rainey. Happy super belated birthday, cousin who is entirely too old for her own good.

Confession #2: My dollar store tape was more like scotch tape (very shiny and plastic-like) than real washi tape, but I am cheap, and it totally worked for these cards.

Here are the results. All of these cards use the "washi" tape and a few other scrapbooking supplies I had lying around. Total cost: $1, and I have quite a bit of tape left.

I made a few that didn't live up my standards of just how something made by me should look, so I ripped off the tape and started over. Inspiration for these designs is courtesy of Pinterest, and then I added my own twist to each card. Feel free to pin these if you want to make your own or want to encourage me. Also, please excuse the fact that I am obviously not a photographer and used my iPhone to take these pictures.
Happy August, y'all, whether it's your birthday or not!

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