Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Husband Juggles Fire

Our church had an end-of-summer bash last week, which included bounce houses, free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, and Husband juggling fire. It got rained out early, but the first couple hours were a lot of fun.

Here's photographic proof that my Husband is awesome. Photo provided by one of the ministers at church because I fail at bringing my camera anywhere ever.

The head directly behind the cow is mine. I am thinking, "Why is the person in the cow costume standing so near the juggling torches? Is his or her vision so obstructed inside that cow head that they don't know what's happening? Dear goodness, please don't let the cow costume catch on fire. That would scar these children for life."

I was also concerned about small children running around near the torches. Apparently I am a worry-wort. But, thankfully all's well that ends well, and no one got in the line of fire (literally). Husband rocked it because he's awesome like that, and I finally got to see him juggle fire.

Keeping those juggling torches in our closet all this time was totally worth it. Have a safe (and fun) day!

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