Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Polka Dot Wall Displays

One of the trends I'm into right now is any sort of three-dimensional wall display that looks like polka dots or bubbles. I also really like polka dots and bubbles generally, like on cardigans or in the backyard. I used to keep a bottle of bubbles in my car in case of emergency/opportunity for blowing bubbles. True story.

I wanted to exit into a sea of bubbles at our wedding, but Husband thinks if you stay to the end of a wedding you should be rewarded by getting to throw something. Hence, he has thrown several bubble bottles at unsuspecting couples, so that was out since I didn't want vengeful brides throwing the little bottles at me. Sigh.

Back to wall displays. I've been seeing some beautiful inspirations using plates and embroidery hoops (both of which I think I can pick up gradually at thrift stores for cheap). Since our house is still new to us, I have lots of wall space to play around with, and there's a wall in my kitchen that's just begging for a display of plates.

There's another wall in my craft/puzzle room (Yes, I am that cool. I have a puzzle room.) that will someday be beautifully covered with embroidery hoop/fabric art.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration displays:

I love the single color display with lots of interest added with the various shapes and patterns of the plates. White looks clean, and if I paint my kitchen walls teal like I'm planning to, the white will pop.

The symmetry and personalized address in the middle are beautiful here. The single pattern blue/white plates mixed with the white palette cohere without being uniform.

I'm a sucker for greens and blues, and this display manages to be eclectic without looking like she just stuck random plates on the wall. Hooray for using color as a unifying element!

I'm kind of newly in love with her blog. The parties and sewing projects and recipes all make my mouth water. And how delightful is this wall from her daughter's nursery?

via Aedrial
This beautifully simple display uses fabric scraps that tie in with the other fabrics used in the room, and I really like the name as the center of the circles.

What my walls end up looking like will depend on what I find at my local thrift stores and how patient I can be in building my collection, but with such brilliant inspiration, I'm excited to get started.
Have a bubbly day!

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