Sunday, October 12, 2014

Four months

October 12, 2014

Dear child of mine,

We're a third of the way through your first year, and you keep getting more fun. You're beautiful, and you love to share your smile with almost everyone you meet. You have definitely found your voice and let us know whether you're happy or sad. And sometimes you go from happy to sad in a split second. It's adorable and heart-wrenching at the same time.
Your eyes are a deep, almost navy blue, and I think your hair is going to be blonde. It's definitely getting longer every day. In other news, you started rolling over consistently in the past week. You used to roll onto one side and hang out there for a while, but as of yesterday, you can roll from front to back in either direction all over the living room. You're on the move, and we can't wait to see where all you'll go.
You made a trip to West Texas this month to go to Daddy's annual family reunion, and you soaked up all the time with family. We got to ride in Grandma's car for way too many hours, and you were pleasant almost all the way there.You met Grandma Claudia (your GG), all of your Granddad's siblings, and several cousins of various degrees. The love and adoration between you and your newly acquainted relatives was mutual.
Then we spent some time with my grandparents, your Aunt KitKat, LaLa, and PJ, culminating in an airplane ride home with just the two of us. It was ok until we started descending, and then you screamed until we got off the plane.
You are such a sweet girl, and we love getting to see you explore the world around you. You give the best snuggles, and we get lots of bonding time since you're still nursing several times a day (and night). Speaking of which, your nighttime sleep has not been the best lately, so we need to work on that. But, you smile so sweetly when we come in to unwrap you from your swaddle in the morning that it makes it a little easier to deal with the lack of sleep.
Keep growing and learning and smiling, precious baby girl. We'll keep adoring you.

Until next month, all the love,

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