Thursday, October 16, 2014

A few of my favorite (baby) things

Once again, as a mom of a four-month-old who happens to have a blog, I am sharing some of my new mom wisdom regarding all things baby. You are welcome. Obviously, at four months in, I am an expert about which baby stuff is worth your money (or hopefully worth using gift cards that people gave you). Please note my hyperbolic sarcasm. But I am going to offer a list of stuff that works for us in the hopes that it might work for someone else and make your life easier.

1. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets
There's a good reason these receive so much hype. They're a great size, thickness, and super cute as well. We always keep one in the diaper bag because they fold up compactly, and they're lightweight enough for our humid, still-in-the-80s-in-October climate.
She can't even handle how awesome those blankets are.
2. Changing pad liners
We have two changing pad covers, and they are constantly in the wash. These smaller liners go on top of the cover (or the uncovered changing pad) so that when baby girl makes a mess while her diaper is off, we don't have quite as much to clean up. We own 9 of them because they are that great, and she makes that many messes between laundry loads. :)
We like the Munchkin brand the best.

3. My Brest Friend
It truly has been my best friend while nursing. I use the Boppy during the day when I am too lazy to walk to the nursery, but for marathon nighttime nursing sessions, my Brest Friend and comfy recliner are lifesavers.
4. One-piece outfits/rompers
Dresses and pantaloons are adorable, and onesies are great for at home, but when I want baby girl's diaper covered, but want easy access for diaper changes, rompers are the best. She wears her rompers a lot because they're my go-to outfit for errands and road trips. And you can find some precious ones for boys or girls.
Oh, the cuteness.
5. Sleep sheep
You can get a white noise app on your phone if you have a fancy phone, but who wants to leave their phone in the nursery all night? One friend said it best when she told me the white noise machine was for me more than for the baby. We both get more sleep when every sigh and squeak doesn't wake me up. The sleep sheep is part of our bedtime routine.
This is kind of a creepy picture, but you get the idea.
Those are five of our favorite items so far. We have several other baby gear things that we appreciate, but I think these could be universally helpful to any new mom. Do you have any favorites that make your life easier? Please share in the comments.

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