Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Home again

My little one spent time with all four of her grandparents and her five living great-grandparents in the past four days. Not many people can say that. We had a great time at Husband's family reunion and then spent a few days with my family to break up the travel for the baby's sake. (And mine because I don't work anymore, and one of the benefits of being a SAHM should be extended vacations including lots of people to help care for any and all children and feed you.) Our flight home included some screaming, but everyone was kind about it, and it could have been worse. And now we're home, which is such a blessing after having such a great time traveling. I love to travel, but the comforts and conveniences of home are that much more wonderful upon my return. Oh, and Husband is here. He pretty much makes home what it is.
So, we're back where we belong until the next trip. I'll be sharing some travel tips later this week that have worked well for us so far. Our almost-four-month-old has been on 3 flights and travelled many miles in the car, so I'm pretty much an expert on expecting the unexpected. :) May your travels all lead you home.

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