Friday, October 10, 2014

One of those nights

It was one of those nights. The kind you pray your way through. Because your baby woke up to eat at two, four, and six, and needed to be comforted several times in between. And you realized during the 4 o'clock feeding that you forgot to post the carefully crafted blog post that you had written the day before. As your brain started whirling, thus preventing sleep while you were feeding your baby who likes to pace herself and drag out nighttime feedings yet again.
And then after the 6 o'clock feeding when you carried her into the guest room to lay down next to you, just as she was dozing off you sneezed. Which, according to her, is the absolute worst way to be woken up. So, you cuddled your sleepy screaming baby and apologized to her for being an overtired hyper-allergic mother. And wondered what in the world was in the air. Probably dust because you haven't dusted in who knows how long.
But then you got to gaze into her eyes and see her smile and watch her eyes follow you as you walked across the room. And remember how you may be sleep deprived but you don't have to be at work early this morning. And read about the grief of friends who are suffering a miscarriage. And feel incredibly blessed to have a smiley sleep-stealing baby in your arms.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't need to eat all night long...but she's pretty cute, which makes it a little easier.

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