Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We're Still Here

May 7, 2014

Dear child of mine,

We've had an interesting few weeks filled with final preparations for your arrival and lots of doctor visits. The ultrasound on Daddy's birthday showed that my amniotic fluid levels were lower than average, so you and I have been spending a lot of time hanging out on the couch, guzzling water, reading, and watching TV. Thankfully, the doctor has been keeping a close watch on you, and the latest ultrasound showed that the fluid level is back in the normal range.

That's great news because it means you get to hopefully be born when you're ready, and we shouldn't have to evict you by force unless you stay in there for more than a month. The fluid fiasco has cut my working days short by about a month since I've been on modified bed rest to hydrate and monitor your movement. But I won't hold that against you, sweet girl, because it's been kind of nice to have lots of time to rest and relax and daydream about you.

Daddy and I went to our Prepared Childbirth classes, so we're as prepared as we're going to be for the different options and ways that you might need to make your appearance. We have preferences as to how labor and delivery will go (especially your momma), but as long as you're healthy and in our arms by the end of it, that will be just fine.

My parents came for one more visit before you're born to finish getting your nursery ready, and it looks great. Your silly momma ordered pom-poms for the curtains from etsy without checking the country of origin (Thailand, as it turns out), so those aren't ready yet, but pretty much everything else is in place.

You must be getting pretty big because your typically gentle nudges and kicks have turned into raucous movements that make my whole belly swell and ebb. It seems like we've entered the "alien baby" stage, so whenever your lungs are finished developing, we'll be ready to welcome you into the world. We're ready to see your precious little hands and feet and especially your face (which you have stubbornly kept covered by a hand and/or foot during every ultrasound).

Finish growing and then come meet us!


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