Saturday, April 12, 2014

Growing Girl

April 12, 2014

Dear child of mine,

So much has happened since I last wrote to you. This is the first of many momma slip-ups in our future, so please forgive me for not keeping up with my pattern of writing you a letter every month. You are a growing girl, and at my appointment this week, the doctor said she thinks you're probably already 4+ pounds, which is about a week ahead of schedule!

We got to see your precious heartbeat on your first sonogram on my birthday, and your next sonogram is scheduled for Daddy's birthday. His not-so-secret birthday wish is that you'll measure ahead of schedule and he'll get to meet you before your due date. We both want you to be big (within reason since I'm not exactly super tall) and healthy with fully developed lungs when you make your arrival, so don't get any ideas about rushing things, sweet girl.

I'm still working, and some weeks are busier than others, but the most exciting things that have happened recently are all about you. My mom and dad (who we think you'll call LaLa and PJ) came to visit with your Aunt KitKat over Spring Break and help with your nursery. In less than a week, PJ painted the walls a soothing mint green, LaLa and I assembled your crib, and KitKat got engaged!

You'll like Travis, and I'm sure he'll be a great uncle. Your Aunt KitKat is obviously smitten with him, and there are high expectations for how adorable you'll look at their January wedding. Other recent events include your last in-utero trip to the Metroplex and a baby shower thrown by my work friends.

We went to visit my parents and meet your new second-cousin, MC, and there was lots of good food and time spent with people who already love you so much. MC is adorable, and holding her made me especially ready for you to be in my arms rather than in my belly. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your precious face, and if you're half as content a baby as your second-cousin, we'll have it easy!

While in the Metroplex, I also got to visit with your great-grandma Rose, my dear friend Jody and her boyfriend, lifelong friend Blythe, and my cousins Rainey and Emily. Then, I came home to a short week of work and a baby shower luncheon at work.

I've worked at my current company for three years now, and there are some very generous ladies there who are excited to meet you. We had a delicious Italian lunch at a local restaurant, followed by fun word games, lemon bundt cake, and presents for you. You will be a classily-dressed little lady thanks to hand-me-downs from Aunt Marla and new outfits from my friends!

We're being celebrated at another baby shower at church tomorrow, and then we just have two sessions of childbirth class and a few more baby books to read between us and feeling truly prepared for you to be born. Keep growing (just maybe try to aim for less than 9 pounds) and we'll see you soon!


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