Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Showers

We've been showered with blessings three times for our much-loved little girl. We had a wonderful lunch shower hosted by some ladies I work with, a church shower hosted by our small group, and a surprise book/freezer meal shower thrown by the ladies of the weeknight Bible study I attend.

As of right now, our sweet girl will be classily outfitted, never want for a bath accessory or toy, and be thoroughly indoctrinated with the love of literature. We feel incredibly blessed to have so many generous people in our lives, and preparing for this little girl has been so much less stressful because of the gifts we've received.
My very pregnant self with the delicious Italian cream cake and pineapple punch at the Bible study shower
The financial responsibility of having a baby, who will turn into a kid, who will hopefully someday attend college can be overwhelming, so having so much help getting set up and feeling ready with all the "stuff" we need to take care of her for the first year or so is a huge blessing.

The work shower included delicious Italian food, lemon bundt cake, and adorable decorations.

We're feeling extra loved right now, and the abundance of Thank You notes that I've written have been a great reminder of how many wonderful people will be supporting us as we try our hands at raising a little lady.
My nephew had no interest in being in pictures, but he did understand that the stuff I was opening was for a baby, and he promptly tried to deliver a few presents to a new baby sitting in her carrier. :)

This one was obviously posed. Aunt Kit Kat loves Vera Bradley, so she made sure her niece will be outfitted from head to toe in all the adorableness.
The lovely hostesses/ladies from our small group at church
There will soon be lots of new babies because four of the six of us are pregnant in this picture. One adorable baby boy has already arrived, and I'm next in line to deliver our little girl!
Family members at the church shower
Husband and I at the church shower

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