Thursday, June 5, 2014

Due Date

June 5, 2014

Dear child of mine,

We made it to the day when the doctor predicted you would be completely done developing inside of me. You and me have been in this together so far (with lots of loving support from Daddy and friends/family), but I'm ready for you to be on the outside now.

I think I will miss your reassuring taps and kicks, but sometimes when your knee (yes, I can positively identify your knee) jabs out of my belly, it's uncomfortable. And I was pretty happy with my weight and shape nine months ago. The two of us together make for quite a ponderous figure.

Also, I want to move into the next phase of our mother-daughter relationship: the phase where I cuddle you and feed you and hold your precious hands instead of feeling them prod me from within. 

I'm working on perspective and patience, and I have been so blessed to have a mostly healthy, comfortable pregnancy. I have enjoyed carrying you around with me, sweet girl, and you are a gift from God. He has formed you perfectly, and now it's time for us to see your face and let Daddy snuggle you. He is oh-so-ready to start bonding with you, and he is such a good Daddy. I can tell already.

We spent the morning drinking Starbucks, walking around the Galleria, running errands, and eating Mexican food, all of which were designed to both distract us and encourage you to be born.

You're a good size and have a steady heart rate, and the doctors and nurses keep reminding me that we're both healthy and you look good. So I'm counting my many blessings as I yearn and pray for your entrance into the world. It's pretty great out here. I think you'll like the space we've created for you, and there are tons of people just waiting to "like" pictures of you and tell us you're adorable even if you start out a bit rough-looking. :)

You'll always be my baby, and I love you already.

With so much love and anticipation,

P.S. We're still waiting.

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