Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week One

Dear child of mine,

You are a week old today, and momma is starting to feel a little more like herself every day, so I thought I would take the opportunity of this peaceful morning to record some of your wonderfulness. Our week has been full of healing, sleeplessness, sweet prayer time, and cuddling while you eat.
You're eating like a champ, and praise God that he designed the two of us to work so well together. There seems to be plenty of food for you and we're learning together how to make sure your tummy stays full and momma stays comfortable.
Your daddy is amazing with you, just like I predicted he would be, and your LaLa has been such a blessing to us, helping to keep us fed, in clean clothes, and taking turns so that we're all decently rested. 
It amazes me how our awesome creator designed my body to be able to support so much exhaustion and still have so much love for you and overwhelming joy at how good you are. You've been taking it so easy on us, but I have to occasionally remind myself in our less-than-peaceful moments (which only last for moments) that you're still so new and figuring all this out. It's no secret that your momma loves her sleep, but I have been sustained by loving support and God's grace to see so many blessings every day since you graced us with your presence.
I don't want to forget how I sang Jesus Loves Me to you, the way Daddy prayed for us all in the hospital, how I'm slowly memorizing your face,
how you immediately latched on after birth, or your first adorable gas smile. I'm trying to be in the moment and soak it all in because I know you're growing so fast, but I'm sure there are so many sweet memories yet to be made.
I want to record how you arrived at some point, but for now I think I should get back to resting before I let Daddy sleep some more.

I love you, sweet girl, more than words can possibly say.

-your adoring Momma

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