Monday, February 10, 2014

Still Here

I didn't plan to take a blogging hiatus, but then I got the worst stomach bug I have ever had. It was not pretty, and I couldn't keep anything down for 24 hours, but I managed to stay hydrated and the baby has been as active as ever in spite of my brief sickness.

If you've never had an upset stomach while pregnant, take my word for it, the precious baby somersaults and kicks turn into the bane of your existence. My mom reminded me that our sweet girl was feeling all the heaving and hearing all the stomach gurgling, so she was probably uncomfortable, too. :)

And then to make up for all the work I missed, last week was crazy busy at the office. (And now I'm having trouble uploading pictures.)

Anyway, there's been a lot of growing and nesting happening around here since I recovered, and several nursery projects are in the works. My extremely generous sister-in-law brought over boxes of baby clothes and baby items, so we're starting to sort, clean, and ooh and aah over the immense preciousness of all things baby girl. Husband and I started registering on Saturday, and I've also started reading up on natural childbirth and baby sleeping/feeding necessities.

I'll try to check in before another two weeks passes, especially since we have nursery prep, childbirth class, belly expanding, and baby showers in the near future.

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