Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday: Nursery Projects

Hello, blogosphere. I haven't done Five on Friday in a while, and it just so happens I have approximately five baby-related things to share, so here it goes.

{one} Our white Jenny Lind crib came in the mail yesterday! I haven't taken it out of the box yet because of the whole "I'm not supposed to lift heavy things/I lack motivation to assemble anything today/Husband is crazy busy" factor, but it's in our house.

{two} I have done several nursery/little lady projects in the past weeks, including this original paper doll art. I might add a border at some point, but the '50s paper dolls were free, and the frame was a $4 Goodwill find, so I'm feeling pretty good about it for now.

{three} Because I like projects that involve cutting and ModPodge, I also covered wooden letters from Hobby Lobby with scrapbook paper for an alphabet wall in the nursery. Please excuse the lackluster picture where you can't really see all the subtle, yet different patterns of the paper. I'll post a better photo once they're up on the wall. Tracing, cutting, and a few layers of ModPodge are all well-established skills in my craft repertoire, so I felt pretty good about this one. I love how they turned out!

{four} I tried my hand at headbands last weekend with some elastic and flowers I got on sale from Pick Your Plum. They have different clothes, housewares, jewelry, and craft stuff on sale everyday, and I'd been waiting for headband supplies to come back. All the cutting, sewing, and arranging is done on my set of flowery/buttony newborn headbands, so all that's left is hot gluing the pieces together. Baby girl's head will be adorned with preciousness, so I can check that off the list. :)

{five} Husband's sister gave us a Project Life kit, and I've put the cards in some semblance of order and started filling in some of the current prompt cards. With Project Life, you get a whole set of cards that fit in different arrangements in clear sheet protector pages, and the baby girl kit is like a super-easy-to-follow baby book/scrapbook with tons of different gorgeous cards. Simple is right up my alley right now with all the To-Dos in the next three months (eek, 3 months!), so the Project Life set is awesome.

In other news, as of last night our little lady has developed the strength/motivation to make my entire stomach move when she kicks/somersaults, and I love it. She also responded to a few pokes by jabbing some appendage in the area where I lightly poked my belly. It was like having our first two-way conversation.

Have a blessed weekend, and may all your To-Dos get checked off your list!

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