Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Little Valentine

February 16, 2014

Dear child of mine,

Happy belated Valentine's Day, little sweetheart! You're growing steadily, which means I am too. You and I celebrated the day of love by eating heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries, going to see Winter's Tale (with movie popcorn, one of my weaknesses), and working on the alphabet decor for your room. Your nursery is going to be precious, and I hope you appreciate how much love is going into its creation someday. :)

Our Valentine, Husband/Daddy, was at a convention for work, so he didn't get to join in on the actual day, but we went on several dates the previous weekend, and now he's back safely at home with us. Last weekend, we registered for some stuff we think we might need to take care of you, and I have characteristically strong opinions about some baby brands, but I fully acknowledge that I am a first time parent and really have no idea what we'll actually need. I have no doubt that you'll be fine and all your needs will be met somehow, even without all the crazy "must have" baby gear. 

We also went to a gender reveal party and found out that you'll have a little girl friend at church. Your Bible class currently has five babies set to be born within a couple months of you! That night, you attended Urinetown, your second live musical, at a local high school. (The first was Hello, Dolly at another high school.)

We got to see you again on Tuesday at my last appointment, and the doctor said you look perfect. I'm not sure how their "scoring" system works, but you got 8 out of 8 for your heart rate, movement, and general wellbeing. You seem to like sugary foods, so I'm glad our glucose test was postponed until my next appointment. :)

Your Grandma and Granddad took us out to lunch yesterday and we got to spend some good time visiting with them. All your family loves you so much already, and they're doing so much to help us prepare for you. I'm all set to get your room ready and keep getting bigger every week for the time being, so all the help and hand-me-downs are very much appreciated.

Keep growing, sweet girl, and go ahead and stay comfortable in there for the next several weeks.

Lots of love and kisses,

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