Friday, January 10, 2014

Third Letter to First Kid

December 21, 2013

Dear child of mine,

You’ve had a busy couple of months! I’ve heard your precious thundering heartbeat at two appointments now (170 the first time and then 140 earlier this week). I also got to see you jumping around on the screen last month, and your little head was the same size as your body, but you definitely had arms and legs that you were fervently waving around. I don’t think you liked the sound that the ultrasound machine introduced into your space. Your proportions have evened out by now, and I am more than ready to know if you are a he or she and feel your movements.

Your daddy is introducing you to all sorts of intelligent and musically genius sounds. Your first concert was to hear John Williams conduct the Houston Symphony Orchestra, with Yo Yo Ma playing a cello concerto. I’m sure you loved it and soaked up all the brilliance of the occasion. As I type, we are indoctrinating you with the Vienna Symphony Christmas album. Momma also plays plenty of popular not-so-musically-sound music for you in the car, so you will be well balanced.

You also attended a delicious Thanksgiving in Midland and saw your first and second movies in the theater (Catching Fire and Frozen, respectively). We announced your presence on facebook the day before Thanksgiving, so now even more people are praying for you and excited to meet you in June. Christmas is off to a great start because last night Daddy and I opened our presents to each other, and you were obviously on both of our minds while we shopped. :)

Momma has been super busy at work, but I’ve been trying to eat healthy foods and get plenty of water for you, and my stress has been kept in check by thinking about how much more important you are than any document I’m working on. I like to tell your daddy that “I’m carrying your child, so…” as an excuse for my increasing forgetfulness or request for him to be extra helpful, and he has been taking such good care of us.

Overall, we’re excited to feel you move, know if we should be buying pink or blue stuff for you, and tell the people in our world* your name next month. In the meantime, just keep growing and don’t be afraid to make your presence known.

Lots of love,

*Baby's name will not be used on the blog. Stay tuned for a lengthy explanation of why.

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