Monday, January 20, 2014

Fourth Letter to First Daughter

January 20, 2013

Dear child of mine,

We found out that you're a little girl one week ago, and now it seems like I've always known that you were the one taking up room in my belly and bouncing around to get away from the Doppler monitor. It's been so much fun to call you by name, and since we didn't give anyone input, but just announced what your name is, everyone has been highly complimentary. :)

Your daddy is over-the-moon excited to meet you, and I'm confident that you two will have a special relationship. He's wonderful, and I'm expecting you to be amazing, too, so it's inevitable. :) He has grand plans for your future violin lessons, and I'm sure you'll have him wrapped around your tiny fingers the day you're born. Daddy would like to be able to feel you kick, so whenever you can make that happen, we'd appreciate it.

Since our ultrasound last week when I saw you flex your legs at the same time I felt it, I've been confidently feeling all sorts of your movements. You like to be extra active after I drink orange juice or right before I try to sleep. However, you managed to sleep through your "big reveal" ultrasound even though I had a cherry limeade right before the appointment to try to get you to move. You were curled up in the fetal position with your legs crossed Indian-style and pulled up to your body, so we didn't get a good look at your face.

When I went to the doctor on Wednesday, they told me you look perfect and weigh about 10 oz, so you're growing right on track. You did not cooperate with the nurse who tried to measure your heartbeat. When she would find your heart, you would repeatedly dart to the other side of my belly and hide after 2-3 seconds of monitoring. Daddy says that means you're playful. I think you despise the noise of the Doppler and have a strong will. Either way, we love knowing details about you like that, and we're looking forward to meeting you.

I'm planning to take full advantage of being the one who grew you and gave birth to you to soak up lots of snuggles in a few months, and I'm so excited to read with you and watch you learn. I'm also excited to dress you up in precious little girl clothes, but I'm trying to focus more on how excited I am to develop the character of a bright, compassionate little woman of God. :)

We love you so much, sweet girl. Keep growing, and stay cozy in there for a while longer, and we'll see you in June (or late May, if you so desire).


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