Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Once again, I've been busy, and until my term papers are turned in the first week of December, that won't change. However, most of my presentations and smaller papers are complete, so I took the weekend off to visit friends in Searcy. It was a wonderful weekend, filled with food (seems to be the emerging theme of this blog) and relaxed visiting. I was reminded how blessed I was to attend Harding and how many awesome friends and experiences I have there.

I stayed with one of my bridesmaids, and since I didn't feel like I got to really visit with anyone at our beautiful, yet monstrously huge wedding, we had LOTS of catching up to do. While watching movies, sipping coffee, and working on a puzzle, I was able to casually see almost everyone I wanted to see. There are notable exceptions, such as Cara and Alexis, but the relaxed atmosphere and the sheer number of people I casually visited with was fantastic.

Obviously I missed my husband. Well, maybe it's not obvious if you don't know our long distance background, but after almost five months of marriage and being together uninterrupted it was difficult to be away for a few days. It made me thankful that our long distance phone-dependent relationship days are behind us.

I suppose the theme of this post and my last weekend was a sense of the overwhelming blessings in my life and an appreciation for the past and how God has brought me to where I am now. Friends, Husband, undergraduate experience (club, roommates, newspaper, Italy, major, etc.) all made me who I am, and thankfully I can look back fondly at the events and still have the people in my life.

Maybe someday I'll post something less reflective and start writing about everyday stuff rather than big events, but the title is "My Musings," so if you're reading you should have taken that as a warning of the sappiness quotient. Especially if you've followed my blog from its inception, which, if you have, thank you for reading. Readers like you are just another of my abounding blessings. :)


  1. Nothing wrong with a little sappiness.
    You're doing fine with your blog.

  2. I hate that I didn't get to see you. :) We should fix that soon!