Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Tis The Season

Well, not really yet, but I am attempting to organize our Christmas budget and gather gift ideas for the various family members we need to buy gifts for. Both sides of my extended family have drawn names, so now that I know who I'm looking for, I've decided to dedicate some time to the effort. I am a staunch believer that Christmas decor should stay hidden until after Thanksgiving, but gift buying can be a year-round pursuit. As my first Christmas as a married woman approaches, the list of people to find thoughtful and budget-conscious gifts for has more than doubled.

I've received wonderful suggestions from some family members, and I've already decided what others will be receiving, but now the challenge is to reciprocate with helpful suggestions as to what I would like to receive. Keeping in mind that my husband and I live in an amply furnished apartment and I just received everything on my wish list for my birthday, picking out requests is a challenge. So, as I surf the Web to find inspiration for gifts to give, I'm hoping to stumble upon some small items I'd like to receive.

Here are a few fun finds:

Book Cover Postcards

Initial Necklace

Ticket Stub Diary

Leatherbound Classic Books

How do you approach Christmas shopping? Is it a joy, a challenge, a last minute sprint? All of the above?

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