Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Our little lady took her first (and second) flight this weekend to surprise my grandfather for his 80th birthday. It was a jam packed weekend, which is why the aforementioned little lady has been catching up on sleep today. :) I took approximately 2 pictures on my phone: one at the airport before we flew out and one once we arrived back home. That is the new measure of a busy (and wonderful) weekend for me. I was too busy visiting with family as they doted on my baby and then resting as they continued doting to take pictures. Thankfully, my sister and Husband took some for me.
She loves her great aunts!
We flew to Dallas on Saturday where my parents picked us up at the airport and then we all made the short drive out to west Texas to celebrate my Granddad with steak. As all great men and women should be celebrated.
Two of our little lady's great-grandparents
Baby girl was wonderful on both flights and the drives to and from Dallas. Although, she did poop all over her changing table at home while the diaper was off, requiring a bath right before heading to the airport. Because, of course she did. That was the most ornery thing she did all weekend, so I realize I have no reason to complain. She was all smiles and coos most of the time.
Four generations of Kelley women
She got lots of love from my family on Saturday and got to meet 3 cousins, a great aunt, and a great uncle for the first time. On Sunday, we got to visit my grandparents' church. I joked with my mom that I am officially on a tour to try out all the nursing rooms at various churches because baby girl ALWAYS needs to eat during service. In case you were wondering, the nursing room at their church is delightful and had all the amenities I needed.
My sister loves her niece, and I think the feeling is mutual.
After a BBQ lunch, Husband and I got to take naps while our little one was happily tended to by my sister, two great grandparents, and two great aunts. One of my aunts bought her a precious turquoise and silver baby bracelet, her first piece of jewelry, which made her smile. Watch out, Daddy! She likes to accessorize. 
Look at my pretty bracelet!
We then loaded up and drove back to my parents house to visit with them and get baby girl in bed, where she slept from 9 pm until 9:30 am without opening her eyes! I did a dream feed at 10:15 and another at 7:30, but she was a sleepy girl from all the travel and excitement. We had breakfast with my parents, and my other set of grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins came over to cuddle the baby before heading to the airport again. We may or may not have cut it too close with getting to the airport and had to switch our flight, but it worked out better with her feeding schedule to travel half an hour later anyway. :)
It was a whirlwind trip, but I'm so glad we could make it happen! Our precious little girl is so loved, and we love spending time with all our wonderful family members. The next big trip is to meet lots of Husband's family at his annual family reunion, and we're excited for that! In the meantime, I hear the piles of laundry calling, and soon my little sweetheart will need to be fed. The birth story posts are almost finished, so I hope to have them up here soon. Happy post-Labor Day week!

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