Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two months old

August 13, 2014

Dear child of mine,

You're two months old now, sweet girl, and we love you so much! In the past month you've learned so many things and gotten to experience lots of new things for the first time. You went to LaLa and PJ's house for the first time. While we were there, you got to meet lots of people from the church where Momma grew up and attend church there on Sunday. You also got to "eat" at your first restaurant, La Bistro, and go swimming for the first time.
Your smiles are more frequent as you're awake more a little bit each day. You love to talk to us, and your changing pad is still your happy place. You make good eye contact and seem to enjoy when we read books or sing to you. You're amazingly beautiful, and I try to tell you that every day, along with telling you how sweet and kind and compassionate we hope you will be.
You got your first vaccines at the doctors office, and you've had some growth spurts. Other than those events, you're generally a happy baby with seldom fussy spells. Sometimes when you get upset, I'm the only person who can fix it by holding you close on my shoulder, which I equally love and hate at the end of a long day. Someday, if you're a momma, you'll understand that. 
You still love to eat, and you're sleeping longer stretches most nights. Both of which make your momma very happy!
And Daddy went back to work. We were spoiled having him with us for so long. Oh, we miss Daddy so much during the day, but you and I are doing okay on our own. There are so many silly voices and raspberries being blown to fill our days at home. Aren't you a lucky one to have a momma who dabbles in theatre?
You made us parents, and you make us so joyful every day, even when there's not enough sleep or when there's entirely too much spit up in our hair. We love you all of it, baby girl.

Your biggest fan and almost-constant companion (for now)
aka Momma

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