Saturday, April 2, 2011

Healthy Stress Baking

Those of you who know me from my college days know that I like to bake, especially when I should be doing a million other things. The longer my to-do list becomes, the more I want to pull out some flour and sugar and make a mess in my kitchen. That said, although I am really loving my new job, my days have become more hectic, and term papers are looming in the near future. So, last weekend I baked.

Because I am now a mature wife of almost a year, and most of the food I create is consumed by two people (Husband and Me) I needed to channel my stress baking habit into healthier foods. Enter one of my new favorite blogs with a healthy whole wheat bread recipe. This is where I confess that I am a blog-stalker. While I am never more than one person removed from the blogger, I do not actually know all of the bloggers who I stalk. I feel better now that I've cleared the air about that.

The new favorite blog is summer harms and I found her through a mutual friend's blog. I think we would be friends if we had a chance to meet. She loves cooking and babies. Enough said. The bread recipe is honey whole wheat bread and you should make it. It has good things for you in it, and it's really yummy.

Another confession: I am cheap. I used to describe myself with the more positive term "frugal," but I have since come to terms with my bargain hunting obsession. Thus, investing in two types of whole wheat flour and flax seed goes against the grain because the cheaper staple all-purpose flour costs significantly less. However, the investment in my health (and my husband's) was worth it. I've since made whole wheat pizza crust for calzones, and not only were they healthier, the crust tasted richer in my opinion.

The summation of this blog is that I think you should go buy some whole wheat flour, indulge in stress baking, and then feel healthy eating your delicious baked goods. Have a stress-free healthy week!

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