Friday, April 8, 2011

I Should Be Writing Right Now...

But I think blogging counts as a form of writing, don't you? Since I haven't blogged about my school life recently, I thought I'd update you on some current writing projects. Even if it isn't on my official "To Write" list, blogging may just help me formulate my plan of action for the next week.

I have two essays due next week, one a rough draft for my Dante Studies course due on Monday and the other a final draft Bibliographic Essay for Middle English course due on Thursday. Oh, and I am in the reading/researching phase of my final analysis paper for my Feminist Theory course. Would you like to know the topics of each of these brilliant compositions? Of course you would.

My Dante paper is about the character of Beatrice and how her affinity with multiple descriptors places her in a unique category. For example, she could be compared to an angel, a saint, an allegorical figure representing Trinity, or a courtly lady, but she is not encompassed by any one of those categories. Rather, she is an amalgamation of several literary tropes, and as such, she stands alone.

For Middle English, I have compiled articles about the poem Pearl and I am focusing on the Pearl-maiden's shifting identity as a courtly lady. This assignment requires more synthesis than original work, so my goal is to show how different critics are in conversation about the courtly lady aspect of the title character.

For Feminist Theory, I am engaged with Gilbert and Gubar's Madwoman in the Attic, and it is as awesome as the title implies. Basically, their work traces elements common to female authors in the nineteenth century and engages with cultural stimuli for the dichotomy of female characters portrayed as either angels or monsters. I love it so far, and I would love to further discuss this topic with anyone interested.

That covers my grad school writing, but a large section of my brain is also currently consumed with the technical writing project I am working on 2 1/2 days per week.

Think good thoughts and offer a prayer that I don't allow technical writing jargon and natural gas lingo to slip into my Literature assignments. I'm partially kidding, but really, I feel like I have a divided mind these days, and I am looking forward to this summer when I can focus on one writing project and read during the evenings (dare I write it?) for FUN.

I still love my English Lit studies, and I am interested in the assigned reading, but balancing technical writing and term papers isn't appealing as a permanent situation.

Tonight I'm taking a break from all of the above to eat out with my husband and watch a Netflix movie, so I'd better buckle down and produce pages of articulate analysis about Pearl. Fun fact: the unknown Pearl-poet also wrote the popularly anthologized Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. You're welcome for that dissemination of knowledge.

Have a blessed weekend filled with something other than forced writing!

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