Friday, March 25, 2011

Working Woman

Wednesday was a long day. Since August I've helped with Awanas at church. It's a good program that gives the kids time to memorize and digest God's Word and then some time to run around and play games. I have a group of 4th graders who I get to follow around, and they're quite entertaining. Anyway, after starting my first day of work and then sitting through the notoriously congested Houston traffic, I met Sam and inhaled some food before hanging out with my 4th graders, driving home, and collapsing. Oh, and then I had to shift gears and participate in a discussion about Breton lays and Authurian Romance yesterday.

After such an intensely exhausting day orienting myself to a new workplace and skill set, some of the things my Wednesday night group told me were funnier than usual. I was dressed up for work, so I expected some comments about that, but when I walked up to the group the first thing a kid said was, "Hey, you know you look like..." I expected him to compare me to some teacher or professional-looking character on TV, but instead he inserted the name of a Disney channel star. I looked up the show when I got home, and she looks 15. So much for my attempt at a grown-up appearance.

The other funny anecdote occurred when I told one of the girls she had to act like a big kid. She jokingly whined that she was still a little kid. I responded that sometimes I wished I was still a kid, but we would both have to accept that she was a big kid and I was a grown-up. Such an appropriate conversation to have on the day I start my job and try to digest all the responsibility that goes with it.

Fridays I'm only working half days until I finish grad school, so today is shaping up to be much less intense. I went to work this morning, put in four hours, and was able to come home to eat lunch and brew some iced coffee. I even had time to blog before heading to the grocery store. Have a wonderful weekend, and maybe I'll have more to report soon!

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