Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Just Got a Little Busier

Husband and I had a great spring break. We got to spend some time with both of our families and see some good friends. And then I got a call from a place I interviewed a while back and was offered a job. I start tomorrow, so my dismally sparse blog posts might get even more sparse. Or maybe I'll have so many interesting work anecdotes that my blog will become an enlightening space overflowing with humor and the secrets of adulthood. We shall see. The former is probably more likely because I will continue studying literature with all the associated reading and writing. Oh, and I like to live in a clean place and wear clean clothes. So those things will continue taking time.
Hopefully I can find time to update occasionally, but until then, you know what I'll be doing. Working. I bought some awesome office-appropriate pants today. You should check them out because they're on sale at Target. That's all for now, as I join the working world. Happy mid-week!

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