Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, Change of Plans

In case you haven't discovered this by living your life and observing the lives of others, (SPOILER ALERT) plans change. Sam and I had reservations to go out and indulge in fondue on New Year's Eve and toast champagne at midnight. Then, his minor sinus issues became major and we spent New Year's Eve visiting a doc in the box and becoming thoroughly frustrated with an incompetent pharmacy tech. Sound like fun?

We managed to salvage the festive mood when I dropped him off at home to take lots of medication and sleep, then headed to the grocery store. I ended up buying a couple bottles of sparkling grape juice (with a coupon) and the ingredients for potato skins and spinach and artichoke dip. After a stop at the local fried chicken place, I had all the necessary elements for an evening of watching Without a Traceand snacking on junk food. Sam felt ok after a long nap and we toasted at midnight while watching the ball drop in NYC.

While the evening was nothing like I planned, it was wonderful. I was with the guy I love, and I had plenty of good food to eat and entertainment on the TV. As a bonus, I got to wear my pajamas instead of a little black dress. In case you can't tell from the rest of this narrative, I really enjoy the simple things in life, and sometimes it takes respiratory issues to force me to reevaluate and simplify my plans. I only wish Sam hadn't felt so bad to necessitate simplification. Nevertheless, 2010 was a fantastic year for me, and it ended beautifully. At this point, I'm not making many long term plans (or at least not any that can't be changed). I can only look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for 2011.

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  1. Does this mean your plan to wait for babies is no longer in effect?

    Here's to hoping!

    ps- can you email/fb message me your address? I have something for YOUUUU!