Sunday, January 16, 2011

Becoming Busy

In case you haven't noticed through diligent observation, or by some chance you have stumbled onto this blog and don't know me, welcome! Also, I have a confession to make. I am not good at not being busy. Since moving to live near my fiance/now husband I have been diligent about not becoming too busy. I have graduate school most months of the year, I volunteer at church, and I need time to cook/clean/sleep/eat.

That said, when I'm not in school, such as over the long Christmas break, I become creative in finding things to do. I've already blogged about the holidays, and I stayed cheerily consumed with festivities and family for several weeks. Then, we arrived home, put away the Christmas decorations and unpacked. I ordered my books for the next semester and twiddled my thumbs until I could not think of anything else I wanted to do.

So, I am pleased to announce that I am in the process of becoming a substitute teacher, I opened an Amazon seller account, and I taught myself how to knit. Rather than clean the apartment (which seems to always get messy again) or write thank you notes, (I've been horribly negligent, but they're coming) I found other projects to keep me busy. So far, I'm fairly proud of the results (other than the thank you note negligence). I've learned that knitting can be relaxing, but it makes my stubby fingers tired, and I'm impatient to finish a significant project that I consider worthy of giving away. I've sold 6 books on Amazon, and our bookshelves are grateful to bear a lighter load. As the semester progresses, we shall see how substituting works with my studies, but the process thus far has been fulfilling.

In a month, I might be drowning in Dante and Chaucer, but for now I feel the satisfaction of having diversified my interests and spent a break doing something other than sleeping, watching TV, and reading. Don't fret; those have been included, but they aren't exactly blog-worthy pursuits. I hope, the above mentioned are slightly more worth reading about. They were considered worth writing about.

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