Friday, December 31, 2010

The Holidays

I keep waiting for a blog post that doesn't begin with a confession of negligence, but I have no one to blame but myself. However, I don't feel too bad about not writing because I've been celebrating surrounded with family. We started our first married Christmas holiday extravaganza with Sam's family and exchanged gifts with his immediate family. We were reminded just how adorable and verbal our niece has become, and we were fed very well. We had some time with his extended relatives as well as they came into town a day and a half before we headed out to my parents' house.
After reloading the car with a fresh set of presents and clothes, we drove on Christmas Eve to the Metroplex. Our traditional Bailey celebration commenced, with Mexican food and gifts on Christmas Eve, followed by immediate family Christmas the next morning. Sam and I received a TV, so our brains have just about turned to mush since we returned home. We've been thoroughly enjoying our new toy before we go back to school. Christmas lunch was with the Baileys, and it might have been the best I remember. Everything was delicious, and we managed to end the day with True Grit, leftovers, a group game, and the Cowboys.
Early the day after Christmas, we reloaded my mom's SUV and headed west to visit her family and exchange a few more presents. We had a good day in Abilene and headed back to the Metroplex for bedtime. Our last couple days involved taking my youngest cousins to see the latest Narnia film and a little shopping with my mom while Sam visited a dear friend in Denton with my dad.

The holidays have been replete with more joy and blessings than I can type, and thus far we have been able to see both sides of our families for major celebrations. I know that can't continue forever, but I'm grateful that the transition has been made easier by enlarging the family I celebrate with rather than forcing tough decisions. We have extravagant reservations at the Melting Pot tonight, and I'm thrilled to celebrate the New Year with my husband! More on that later. May your holiday memories be as rich!

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